The Brotherhood of Light

Note: The Brotherhood of Light is no longer an on-sim faction. After a furious battle with the allies of the Empire its leader was captured and executed. This page, and all in-world info on it, will remain as a note and reminder in the annals of L’Vlorisstulshar’s history.

The Brotherhood is an underground organization formed in resistance to the Empire – made up of elves, men, and other local races, the group is almost as old as the empire itself. 
This faction started during the tumultuous few years when the empire first began. Founded by a drow necromancer in league with outside resistance forces, the Brotherhood proved their power early on, when they nearly re-claimed the city during a siege, when the Empire’s defenses were spread thin. Though they failed and were pushed deep into the ancient tunnels beneath the city their numbers slowly recovered, and now as the Empire nears half a century of existence the Brotherhood’s attempts are once again felt in Vlorissfarne.
Though they may be considered fanatical by some the Brotherhood rarely does their own dirty work. Instead they are often known to hire thieves and mercenaries to take care of ‘back ally dealings’ whilst the members themselves devote their time to alchemy and other earthly sciences, searching for ways to fight back against those they see as tyrants and invaders. For those who know where to find them, the Brotherhood can prove to be a font of knowledge concerning all things drow, and all the ways to harm them. Their hidden rooms deep beneath the capital contain tomes on history, magic, and myth. Though what you call them depends on where you stand – criminals, vigilates, or unsung heros – it is an almost unanimous understanding that it is far better to have this secretive bunch as friends, rather than enemies.