Character Guidelines

 We do not limit races or backgrounds!! There are a few basic rules on character appearance, power limit, ect. But in general all DnD races and half-breeds are allowed! That said, we do not allow children, hyper avatars, anime avatars (this includes the kemono body and Venus heads) or un-approved anthro avatars. Please contact a staff member for avatar approval if you have any questions.
Below are all of our (very few) overarching rules for sake of the occasionally contended races and avatars.

Rules of the Undead

1) You cannot be half undead. Either you are or you are not. Dhampir or other blended races must play as undead, relying upon the consumption of living creatures (or parts of them) as fuel.
2)  Undead cannot reproduce. Undead are, by definition, no longer living, which means their bodily functions have ceased. An undead being  /cannot/ impregnate nor can they carry child. Dhampir are produced by means of a curse, not sexual intercourse.

Racial Curses

Undeath, vampirism, and lycan bites or scratches are all considered to be curses in one form or another. Unless caught early these curses are both complete and, for the most part, irreversible. This does /not/ apply to races like lythari or gaoru who are born. These races can interbreed and produce half-breed offspring, usually with smaller shifted forms or no shifting ability at all. 

Avatar Appearance