The Embergrove

Lead: Rathus Adorellan (axnirath)

This Small village sits in the heart of the Twilight Forest, a few miles to the west of Vlorissfarne. During the day it seems the village is the same as any other but when night rolls around things change and noises pick up. Nature is worshiped here, the villagers protect the forest as well as the village. The forest provides for them each and every day. This village is primarily made up of beasts and shifters however most anyone are welcome as long as they follow the rules/laws.
The Grove is a place rich in beliefs and worship of nature, but that is not forced on anyone. The Grove will try to watch out for traveler’s safety and keep the influence of the city away.

Laws of Embergrove

1) The word of the Alpha is to be followed at all times, without exception. If the Beta gives an order in the Alpha’s absence, it is to be followed just the same
2) Oathbreakers will be punished. One takes an oath when they enter the Grove, and that is not to be taken lightly.
3) You shall not weaponize any harmful substances to other races. This includes poisons, silver, wolfsbane, cold iron, etc. Being caught with any silver or wolfsbane will result in severe punishment, up to banishment.
4) Visitors must be announced by guard (NPC if no one IC is available) before entry into the Alpha’s long house is permitted.
5) No harming fellow villagers unless you have a good reason, all issues will be taken before the Alpha or Beta to try and resolve it and if necessary an Honor Fight will take place to end it.
6) No arson, stealing, enslavement, rape, or murder of your fellow members
7) Visitors are welcome. The village shall remain open to anyone not currently regarded as an enemy, so long as that person possesses good intentions and shows proper respect to the Grove and the territory that it occupies.
8) The council and elder are to be honored, respected, as they worked hard to earn those ranks and they are to obeyed when the Alpha and Beta are not present.
9) Villagers shall not discuss or divulge private matters in the presence of strangers, visitors, or anyone that is not sworn to the Grove. Intentionally exposing secrets to outsiders shall be considered an act of treason.

Embergrove Ranks

Embergrove Alpha– Ruler of the Grove
Embergrove Beta– Second in command is deemed worthy by showing up to events, helping players in the grove and taking on a good lead position when alpha is not around, and may oath others into the grove. They help the alpha with more ooc stuff then is expected by elders. Events and coordinating fun things for the pack to do.
Embergrove Bálkr(fighter lead)-Master of arms and helps round up to train Vígamaðrs to the best of their abilities, will be asked to deal with bounties and offenders to the Grove, working hand in hand with the Alpha, Beta and Elders. As well as helping with the monthly full moon events and others. They are also consider an Elder
Embergrove Skjǫldr(magic/healer lead)– Master of the Galdramaðr(magic users and healers), they will round up all those who have taken the path of casting, healing, be it magic for not, deal with herbs and they well being of the forest itself. Working hand in hand with the Alpha, Beta, and Elders, will also help with the celebrations, events and full moon hunts. They are also considered an Elder.
Embergrove Ellri(elders)-Veteran RPers who have participated in 3 rituals and/or full moon hunts; (3 months minimum on sim). Show they are capable of helping others in the Grove, or help to find someone who can. They will hold position of council and help their groups. Are more knowledgeable on their own chosen path. Ritualist must be able to lead a ritual comfortably and Sentinels must be able to lead a sparring event comfortably.

Embergrove Galdramaðr (Ritualist) – Magic users in all, healers and non healers alike. Any rituals preformed must be watch and NCed by a higher ranking member or elder and passed to the Skjǫldr. Must lead and plan a grand ritual of their out style/theme and/or lead a hunt. (Will be a mini event that you plan, work with your path leader if you need help.)
Embergrove Vígamaðr (sentinel) – The fighter and more able bodied, they are first line of defense for the forest. They must show three spars over 3 weeks to achieve this rank, and one successful hunt to prove they are a provider to the grove.
Embergrove Vinátta (Ally) – these are for those already in another faction who wish to help protect the forest. they must oath the ally oath and be required to take no action against the grove should there faction attack.
Embergrove Oathed– General title for those oathed in to the grove. some may not want to advance and this will be their place