The Fae

Lead: Akane (suzume.winterwolf)

When people think of fae, storybooks often come to mind; but the fae are more then fairy tales for children. They have existed long before many of the races of this land as ancient and timeless beings that are distinctly ‘Other’. Their very foundation is magical in nature. Glamor and other magics to fool the senses come easily to them. When a fae doesn’t wish to be found they can be quite gifted in simply ‘vanishing’ to the eyes. Because of this, many fae get labeled as tricksters or mischievous pranksters, a label that isn’t necessarily wrong.

Fae come from all walks of life. To compare one fae to another would be doing a great misdeed. The whimsical fae are all unique beings. Even when comparing the same species, no two fae are alike. They mimic the chaos and unpredictability of life itself. The fae can seem alien-like and something not so easily understood to outsiders due to their mindset and particular behaviors. Yet, to the fae they are perfectly fine living as they see fit and embracing the world like there is no tomorrow. They often live in the ‘now’ when other races get lost in the facts and details. To the fae there is no sadder life then an life not lived. They can often be creatures in the moment, forgoing possible consequences, considering such things insignificant or just not care what may happen to others. They after all do not see the world as mortals do. The fae can often be found chasing whatever they find ‘amusing or fascinating’ at that set time. Be it an shiny bobble all the way to seeing someone’s head on fire. Unpredictably is their namesake and even the more tame fae can have their wild moments.

Some fae come from natural births and others simply come into being, born directly from the magic of the wylds, which they call ‘The Mother’. Their are very few set laws as to what makes a fae, but these facts cannot be argued.

Rules of the Fae

1) Fae cannot lie, no matter the circumstance. They may weave their words, dance around the truth, and make misleading claims, but they may not willingly speak a falsehood. Half-fae may find it a little easier to lie, but tend to still have difficulty doing so.
2) Fae cannot break an oath. Similar to the above, a fae’s relationship to promises made is complicated. They tend to become furious if a mortal breaks a promise in return, which can result in harsh retribution.
3) Iron is highly toxic to fae, and may result in burns, blisters, or a loss of magic. Fae may also be allergic to other metals, especially those which contain iron, such as steel, but Iron itself is the only one with a steadfast rule.
4) If a fae is killed, they do not require a healer or priest to bring them back. However, they must remain in the fae wilds for seven full days after death before returning to the mortal realm.
5) Mortals who enter the fae realm may soon find themselves unwilling to leave. Those who do will, without aid of a willing fae, find themselves ill. Beware the food, beware the drink, and most of all.. beware the promises you make. Also, It has been well known that aggressors entering the wilds have been turned on one another, with survivors being left aimless.. and harmless to the fae.

The Mother

Mother nature. She is what many fae consider a goddess to them. The fae believe they are her children and many are respectful towards her because of it. Part of a fae’s strength comes from their connections with the natural world such as the environment, the weather, and even animals of the realm. They would be the first to instinctively know when something is wrong in their domain… and many are overly protective of the world around them. The fae are not weak and even the smallest of sprites can show the fiercest spirit when it comes to preserving and protecting what they value. Older fae can often seem xenophobic; but with their long lives witnessing much of the destruction mankind has shown towards this world, distrust for outsiders is the natural course. At the heart of the Faewyld sithen is the Mother Tree, her resting place and mouthpiece at the forest’s heart.. Legends tell that some fae of renown were not only tied to this tree.. but also some.. were born from it.. and even an incredibly select few, can communicate with her directly.. But these fae are rare, chosen individually by the Mother’s guiding hand.

The Faewylds

If the mother is the lifeblood of the fae, then the faewylds are their mysterious and beautiful home. Magic runs deep here and the fae as well as mythical beasts can be found in the plane beyond the veil. The best way to find the realm is to be invited by one of the residents. The portal into their realm is not always apparent and outsiders have been known to wander in after getting lost in the deeper parts of the Twilight Forest. Once here the bewitching place can be hard to leave without help. The pleasures that await visitors can seem far to tempting. All manners of earthy delights can be found within this plane such as never-ending feasts to endless song and dance. It is after all a magical land of limitless possibility. Abnormal is ‘their’ normal. If one is not careful the faewilds can become a fantasy that the unfortunate do not wake from. Time here does not move like it does in the mortal realm. There have been stories of people the fae have pitied being invited in for an night of pleasure only to find their family old and gray in the morning when they awake. First timers should also be wary of fae sickness, a condition that can leave one feeling ill for staying overtly long here, but one can over time become resistent to these effects. Some have even been welcomed by the fae as one of their own… the elusive fae-touched.

The Courts

To the Fae, neutrality is an lie. We must all pick sides and to some of the oldest beings in the land this saying never rings more true. Fae to most people tend to be seen as an collective assortment of strange creatures but few ever look deeper into their society. The courts are foundations of faedom. Even amongst the fae they are a people divided by ideals. The courts are allegiances where fae get to enforce their philosophy on existing members, recruit for new members, build armies, hold say in seasonal power, and flaunt blood nobility.

Most fae belong to either the seelie or unseelie court. In the rawest sense it is ‘Light versus Dark’. That does not mean however a seelie cannot cannot be as cruel as an unseelie. They are simply predisposed towards one or the other. Seelie are just as dangerous as Unseelie. Light brings life but if the temperature goes too high, you get horrible burns, wildfires, and droughts. Dark brings death. But death is more than just an ending; it balances life and keeps things from stagnating. Darkness is no more ‘evil’ than light is ‘good’; darkness hides things and scares us, but it also grants places to hide and can protect us. In the end each is needed, light and dark to keep nature in sync.

Common Characteristics

• Usually benevolent
• Drawn towards warm seasons and are strongest during these times. Weak during cold seasons.
• Value nature and beauty
• Motivated by joy and pleasure, along with having a generally mischievous disposition.
• Known to seek help from humans, or to help them
• Warn those who accidentally offend them
• Avenge insults
• Selective or aloof towards those without fae blood

• Usually malevolent
• Drawn towards cold seasons and are strongest during these times. Weak during warm seasons.
• Would rather harm than help
• Tend to be unfriendly unless you give them reason not to be
• Value power and control
• Motivated by desire for their own pleasure, usually gotten by causing pain, or by obtaining a sense of superiority
• Merciless and likely to be aggressive without provocation
• Openly flaunt their cruelty
• Welcoming only of those with fae blood
• Can be fond of respectful outsiders, usually treating them like pets

The Courtless
Some fae prefer to go about their own business and not get involved in the politics of the Courts. These fae are known as Courtless. They act as a neutral/balanced/common ground between the courts.The Courtless are often seen as unpredictable by their peers and often receive the stigma as outcasts (either banished, choosing to leave, or not choosing at all).

The courts exist to balance each other out. No court is more important then the other. That doesn’t mean though they won’t bicker and be at each others necks at times In fact it’s expected being opposite natures. There is no ‘set’ appearance to what makes an unseelie or seelie though one with a trained eye might notice unseelie often depict macabre or death and seelie life through their garments or physical appearance. Even so an outsider often cant tell instantly an fae’s nature until the fae shows it’s hand.

Group Ranks

Fae King or Queen.
Unseelie/Seelie Council: The highest rank earned. These fae have undeniably done great things for the good of the Fae. They are outstanding examples of what it means to be unseelie or seelie and have the ear of the king or queen at anytime.
Unseelie/Seelie Noble: Fae in their Court that have proven their worth through deed and earned the favor of their kin.
Unseelie: Fae of the Dark
Seelie: Fae of the Light
Courtless: Fae that have chosen to be outside the court system.
Fae Honorable: Outsiders that have sworn themselves to the faefolk