The Healer’s Guild

Lead: None

It is asked that everyone who wants to join to give an oath of doing no harm and follow the rules of the Guild. To be a healer, you do not ‘have’ to join the guild but it is encouraged to rank up within the Guild, to be informed first of classes and events.

The Guild is there for all the citizens needs in the land, from the main building to each and every outpost. We are all connected. Healers come in all forms, from magical to mundane and all forms are important as well as researching for answers we might not know to have the best remedy for what ails our patients.

We encourage all to learn the mundane ways since sometimes magic is best not to be used. It’s not fun to just magic everything away instantly. Take the time if allowed to find out the details of what has happened to a patient. Having a good bedside manner is always best when healing someone.

Roleplaying a healer is a rewarding and creative way to interact with players. A healer should be knowledgeable in medieval medicine and folklore to add a bit of realism but remember that patients usually know nothing about medieval ailments in, how to role play recovery time, side effects, and possible complications. It is your job to help guide them in what they might experience while you interact with them.

Guild Rules

• The rules apply to everyone from the guild leader to the lowest rank. No exceptions. Period.
• We do not turn anyone away. We are neutral in all things in the guild. From the main building to each outpost.
• No fighting allowed in guild grounds or in outposts. It’s disrespectful to the healers and patients there. Don’t do it and if someone causes trouble, call for a NPC guard to walk them out. They will not be allowed to be in there if causing troubles for others. However, for the purpose of preserving life… including your own, if trouble darkens the Guild doors, we have every right to hit back, or hit first and hide the bodies.
• When needed, replace and restock the outposts and guild. Make a list, tell the leader what is needed so it can be provided. Something as simple as making a few bandages could be a life saver
• You will not cause harm to others within the guild and outposts . It is our jobs to heal others, possibly save their lives. Healers are to be trusted.

Guild Rankings

There are three basic requirements to progress in rank past the first rank. Firstly, you must be active in the guild for a minimum of one week since you attained your last rank. Secondly, you must participate in stocking/healing in the guild and outposts. Thirdly, you must complete a certain number of quests. For the quests, you may choose any quests from the list below. You cannot do the same quest more than once per rank. Everyone starts at Initiate of Healing rank.

1) Initiate of Healing(everyone): These are the newcomers recently joined to the guild and ranking system.That doesn’t mean they do not know how to heal, magic or mundane however if that is the case, the guild will provide teaching in the art of healing. This person will need to be supervised if possible when healing

2) Novice: Someone who has been with the Guild for some time and shown that they are eager to learn. Rising person of interest in the Guild. Less supervision and is available to be an apprentice.
– Be active as an Initiate for at least one week.
– Complete two quests from the list below.
– Participate in at least 2 rps with various members.

3) Adept: A full fledged Healer of the Guild. They are dedicated Members and have done a lot for the Guild and it’s patients. If not an apprentice by this rank, contact the leader or second to help you find a higher rank to apprentice to.
– Be active as a Novice for at least two weeks.
– Complete three quests from the list below.
– Become an apprentice to a higher ranking healer

4) Mystic: Good healer and taking up teaching those of lesser ranks and abilities. One who is very knowledgeable in all ways of healing. They also take on an apprentice in the guild.
– Be active as a Adapt for at least three weeks.
– Complete four quests from the list below.
– Participate in each monthly event.

5) Master: Masterful Healer and Teacher of the Guild. They are skilled in their own and unique ways of healing. They are valuable members of the Guild.
– Be active as a Mystic for at least four weeks.
– Complete five quests from the list below.

6) Council of Healing: Council positions can be given by the Head Healer. Depending on if the person is interested, active and strive to make the Guild a better. There to advice the leader. Those are specialized healers, whom have their own field in which they are working on and are leading practitioners magical or mundane.

7) Second of Healing: Trusted member of the highest healing rank and skill, in charge when the lead isn’t available.

8) First of Healing: Leader of the Guild, overseer of all members.

Quests for Progression

• Participate in a scheduled event.
• Identifying and gathering herbs. Herbs are instrumental in the healing process. You also need to be able to identify herbs that are dangerous and poisonous to not just wolves, but also to humans, dragons and other races.
• Be present at a practice spar or of the fighters guild. As healers we are always needed to heal cuts, bruises and other injuries, participate by examining the combatants after their duels are over.
• Assist in a sim dungeon as a healer if applicable. This may seem boring if no one gets hurt but having a healer in case of a serious injury is a must to keep combatants in good Condition. Also showing some prowess in combat can come in handy as well and keep you on your toes.
• Teach a class of any healing type in the guild. Instruct them in ways of healing and how to treat simple injuries first and more complex ones as they get better. Potion making, poultices etc..
• Show 3 rps with other members of the guild.