Hem Malduhr

Lead: None

Welcome to the Empire’s dwarven city, where riches flow like the burning sands

Far beyond the coasts of Vlorrisfarne, across the seas plagued with the danger of pirates and ship-wrecking storms, lies a continent with a stretch of desert known as ‘the golden sands’. Following these sands will bring you to an oasis. Once plagued with a history of darkness, this place now shines bright – the empire’s mecca of fortune. Common jewels, no more than mere trinkets, line the streets. Gold, rubies, sapphires and more spill from the mines like clock-work. Fortune and trade are the ways of these people and it is here you will hear these whimsical words when a local refers to their homeland, “Welcome to Hem Malduhr, where the gold flows like sand.”
Once you arrive in this fair city, the first building you will likely see is the Keeper’s tower. It is here that you find courts in session – civilians and nobility alike bringing the issues to the courts for judgement, or requesting use of the roof above and witness to an honorable duel, where steel and blood are the deciding factors for a dispute. Even ambassadors from far away come to speak of trade, alliances, and defense pacts. The courts are always open to Hem Malduhr’s allies and those who wish to become allies. Outside, you’ll see miners hard at work pulling from the mines, bringing more wealth into the kingdom. Meanwhile merchants open their stalls for trade at all hours, selling goods of all kinds from across the furthest outstretches of the empire.
While loyal to the empire, the kingdom rarely gets involved in the issues of its neighbors to the east except for its supply of funds and necessities. The Keepers of Law and Fortune and the noble court below them are allowed to self-governed and self-rule with little empire influence involved. However, the leaders here are fiercely loyal to the empire, and will not simply abide by criminals of the empire in their fair city.