Special Item Application

Any powerful items must have proof of their creation, or must be approved of by an admin – Magical items only need approval if they significantly alter your character’s abilities, or lend a bonus to their attacks. Examples: Daywalker ring (allows vampires to be out in sunlight) Lighting spear (grants the ability to perform one AoE a week without charging up first), Soulbound Weapons, ect. Minor magical items like staffs or bags of holding do not require approval. To get approval for a powerful item, please fill out the application below and title it with your name, as shown in the example below


1. SL Name:

2. Name of character that is creating/acquiring the magical Item/Ability:

3. Name of Item/Ability:

4. Purpose of Item/Ability:

5. Please attach a notecard of one of the following. B] A short story/RP of Creating the Item/Ability. (Or how it was created to begin with) or B] A short story/RP of acquiring the ability.