Birth of an Empire

Fifty years ago, a drow army marched upon the elven kingdom of Arl’Airen ​, searching for a new home after their own had been destroyed. After a long and strenuous battle, the drow proved successful, conquering the capital and the surrounding lands with aid from the dragons to the north. From that victory sprung many others until the banners of the legion turned kingdom were flown across the continent, and eventually that kingdom became an empire. Three cities in particular, each a kingdom in their own right, stood out among the rest. The first one conquered, Vlorissfarne, became the capital of the Empire. The second, a deep city known as Myrolochar became the hub of trade and communication with the other drow across the lands. The third, a mountain stronghold called Hem Malduhr, prides itself on the production of goods and raw materials for the entire empire. Together these three kingdoms form the backbone of the ever-expanding empire, and it is because of them that the drow took the name of l’Vlorisstulshar: “The Empire of Crowns.”

History of the regions


For centuries the city of Arl’Airen stood as a peaceful waypoint on the coast, a popular port for trade, situated on a peninsula that opened into the intercontinental waterway known as the Aramile Straight. However, as the elves and citizens of the city grew richer, so too did they grow paranoid, and greedy. With the power of wealth at their disposal they delved deep into the mountains around the city, spreading their influence across the land with aid of dark and unstable magics. Though their power grew, the surrounding faction who had once been allies grew quickly wary of Arl’Airen’s meddlings. One by one, their alliances faltered, and when the Black Legion arrived the city stood to face its fate alone.


Since the age of the casting down of the Iilithiri by Corillion, the D’Veldrin family had found their way deep into the blacked chasms of the underdark. Along an ocean trench in a crystalline cavern that was rich in minerals and self sustaining, the D’Veldrin family, established the city of Myrlochar. The blue crystals and unusual mineral waters coveted by many. They guarded carefully from other deep dwelling creatures. Centuries it remained untouched by anything from the surface as the dark elves there were full of bitterness towards the surface races. Natural phenomena caused the chasm to close and encapsulate the drow that lived there, content with hoarding the blue crystals that grew about them and their life of solitude. More time passed and stories grew in to tales and tales into legends. Until a great fault line ruptured collapsing the old city and creating an exit out of the great geode that was Myrlochar. Built by the still ruling house, a new and greater city arose along with a new D’Veldrin illharess. She and others were curious about the tales of the surface and slowly they ascended from the chasms below sending parties to find paths to other cities and eventually the surface itself. Centuries pass and the city of Myrlochar grew fat from the riches they had hoarded.

Hem Malduhr

Once a proud Dwarven citadel, Hem Malduhr was brought into the fold twenty years after the Empire rose to power. When a group of tiefling led cultists seized control of the city, threatening to unleash horrors across the land in the form of an archdemon, distant reaches of the Empire came under threat. Rather than let these territories fall to ruin, the Empire’s forces launched an assault upon the dwarven kingdom. In the ensuing war battles were won and lost, heroes rose and fell. In the end even the mighty citadel gave to the Empire’s might, and the cultists were driven out into the desert beyond. In year twenty-five of the Empire’s reign, Hem Malduhr became the third kingdom of Vlorisstulshar. While Hem Malduhr is not the most powerful in terms of military might, what Hem Malduhr has is wealth. Merchant’s flock to sell their wares and many ships set sail to and from Hem Malduhr’s port Dhahab every day, constantly keeping a large influx of gold in the kingdom.

Port Dhahab

A vast and unforgiving expanse, the sands of the Golden Desert burn hot in the southern sun. Lying across Aramile Strait from the main body of the empire, the desert is home to Hem Malduhr’s vast wealth of minerals and ores. Those who wish to venture to Hem Malduhr must first arrive in Port Dhahab, a small town that is nevertheless bedecked in finery befitting the Empire’s most outwardly wealthy kingdom. Rides in many forms can be hitched from the port to Hem Malduhr – from caravans to covered wagons.. To the impressive flying ships that the Empire employs for their own personal transport.

The Twilight Forest

Far older than the Empire, and even the once-great elven kingdom of Arl’Airen, towering trees and stretching branches cast an eternal shadow over the grounds of this wooded area. Creatures unseen lurk amongst the trunks, and only one path leads safely through the darkness. At its end, nestled in a clearing, is the small town of Embergrove, a bastion of safety whose fires keep the beasts at bay. In the darkness of the trees ruins sit waiting for rare brave soul to venture into their depths, and though they are supposedly abandoned, the dark of the night sometimes gives way to glimmers of light through the trees – as though someone or someone’s have taken residence in the crumbling elven ruins that lie scattered amongst the growth. Those who climb into the mountains that surround this treacherous place may find secrets hidden in caves and cloistered places. High up near the peaks lies the portal to the dragon lands of Isk’Waere, and below, hidden amongst dead trunks and dying plants, is the entrance to the realm of Whispermere.

What Happened to the Elves?

Though they were driven from their home of Arl’Airen, the elves still exist in l’Vlorisstulshar. Some remained in the city that they had once called home, deciding to work and live beneath the Empire’s watchful eye rather than leave all they knew behind. Others took to the sea, plying the mighty Aramile Strait in search of wealth. Still others fled to the Twilight Forest and the mountains beyond, settling in villages and valleys between Vlorissfarne and Isk’Waere. Though they are fewer than number, they still come and go throughout the land, and in recent years, as Vlorissfarne loosens its grasp, some have even dared to return.