The Mage Guild

Lead: Nurvureenint (talithryna)

Before the founding of the Kingdom of Arl’Airen, when what would become its capital was just a small fishing village on the coast, there was the Order of Ianmoira. While the origin of the name has been lost to history, this group of like-minded mages dedicated to unraveling the secrets of the arcane though intense study and meditation. However, the Order was not content to merely to simply engage in their studies. They reached out to the city and aided the residents and traded with merchants. As the city grew, so too the Order. The Kingdom of Arl’Airen sprang from the city and over the centuries it spread its influence across the land. It also garnered the attention of the wandering drow Empire.

When the Legion struck, the Order sprang to the defense of the city that was its home. The harbor was frozen to halt the advance of enemy ships, the mountains to the north quaked and rockslides troops attempting to flank the city, meteors and storms bombarded troop positions. But the Legion would not be deterred, and once the city was surrounded and put under siege, the mages assisted by teleporting goods essential to survival of its citizens until countermeasures were introduced. Finally, the city fell.

Post-conquest, members of the Order stepped forward to accept their fate. Those that were not executed were reorganized into a guild, the Empire having witnessed the value of having a group of powerful arcane users dedicated to serving them. However, the remnants of the original Order of Ianmoira slipped into the ranks, worked their way up, and gained positions of authority. Over the decades subtle changes have been made to the charter to ensure that the Mage Guild serves the city, not the Empire.

Today the Mage Guild is a politically neutral organization that, while it continues to focus on the study of the arcane, has broadened its scope to the divine, the primal, and pact magic, both Weave and Shadow Weave. It is open to all people and all races who wish to come and study the magical arts. Secondary to that, the Guild defends the city and its people from extraordinary events and threats. They also work to take on diplomatic, bipartisan roles when it comes to disputes between people, houses, other guilds, business, etc.

Guild Priorities

1) Defend the citizens of the city and the realm at large from existential and magical threats.
2) Be a source of unbiased knowledge for all who would seek it, be it magical or mundane.
3) Remain neutral in political matters and involve ourselves in conflicts only to prevent the unnecessary loss of civilian lives.
4) Aid the rules of the city in matters of magic (as it applies to the city itself)
5) Provide paid magical services for the enrichment of the economy and quality of life.

Guild Rules

1) Only the Archmage and councilors have the authority to speak or act on behalf of the guild. All others must be granted explicit permission to represent guild interests on a case-by-case basis.
2) The Mages’ guild will not pay ransom, bail or fines for members unless they were conducting official guild business at the time of their capture or arrest.
3) The Archmage and councilors will mediate disputes between guild members if requested to do so, but will not become embroiled in ongoing interpersonal conflict.
4) Theft or vandalism of guild resources will result in immediate ejection from the guild and banishment from Zer’tath tower.
5) Assault or the use of judgment-altering spells or potions on any unwilling subject will result in immediate ejection from the guild and banishment from Zer’tath tower, and the involvement of local law enforcement.
6) No member of the guild will knowingly provide guild services or resources to aid another in an act of war, terrorism, or treason.
7) A tithe of ten percent will be paid to the guild treasury for paid services rendered within the guild or using guild resources.

Mage Guild Ranks

Note: These are flexible and one can be promoted to fit roles based on the Archmage’s discretion

Everyone, Unlimited Role – A rank for those who wish to keep abreast of guild activities without formal commitment to our cause.
Requirements: That you exist.

1) Apprentice: Unlimited Role – Those who have registered themselves to the guild and agreed to uphold it’s principles, and have received little to no tutoring in magic thus far in their lives.

Requirements: Register with the Archmage or a councilor and sign your name in the ledger. Receive a lesson in magic theory, select a school or specialization you wish to learn first, and find a mentor to help teach you.

2) Magus: Unlimited Role – Those who already have some training or skill in magic and can demonstrate as much to the satisfaction of the Archmage or a councilor.

Requirements: Register with the Archmage or a councilor and sign your name in the ledger. Select a new school or specialization to begin learning. Assist in mentoring apprentices or hosting classes within your area of expertise

3) ¬†Councilor: Limited Role – Those who have demonstrated mastery of their chosen schools or specialization, and earned the trust of the Archmage to uphold the guild’s mission statement and code of conduct in her stead.
Limited to four members at this time, one for each specialization.

Requirements: Host at least 3 classes, successfully tutor an apprentice of your specialization until they attain Magus status, oversee the progress of apprentices and magi in their specialization, pass appropriate competency test.

4) Archmage: Limited Role – The one who is ultimately in charge of managing the guild, maintaining high standards of excellence, and guide the guild in upholding it’s mission statement and code of conduct.

Requirements: By OOC appointment only.


1) Battlemage – Those who utilize magic primarily for combat, be it slinging fireballs or healing and protecting yourself and your companions.
Example classes / archetypes: Shadow dancers, Eldritch Knight, Hexblades

2) Craftsman – Those whose magic comes in the form of crafted, physical items, often sold commercially for utilitarian purposes.
Example classes / archetypes: Alchemists, Artificers, Transmuters

3) Scholars – Those who pursue magic for the sake of knowledge or power itself, ever seeking to unravel the secrets of the universe
Example classes / archetypes: Wizards, Arcanists, Inquisitors

4) Utilitarian –¬† Those whose magic is primarily used for practical purposes and improving quality of life, or serve as a career choice.
Example classes / archetypes: Rangers, Druids, Bards, Witches