Shop Application

Please submit this to an admin or mentor! You can check our ‘shops’ page for a list of currently available stores!

Once you have submitted this application find the lead of the area with the shop you want. Inquire ICly about running it. Once that is done the admin team will take a short while to ensure your business is a good fit for the sim before approving it.

During this time please make sure to be active on sim and in your shop. While you will not be considered an ‘owner’ of the shop until you are approved we do encourage you to RP as an employee!

Please copy and paste the below text into a NC with your ACCOUNT NAME as the example shows, and answer the questions accordingly

Example: ~EoC Shop Application~ [Name Here]

All questions must be answered in detail, please provide as many examples as you can in the provided questions. Stick to format. You may be as detailed as you wish, as this also provides the staff with valuable information to evaluate your possible fit within our sim and the shop you are applying to own.

In other words..the more detailed, the better. EoC is a creative, wonderful atmosphere with depth and curiosities at every turn. Finding the right fit to promote and further develop different areas is important to us! Any application that has missing answers, will be declined or asked for a re-write/re-submission.

1.What is your SL Account name? —
This is your resident name. NOT your display name. Any application without an appropriate full resident name will be declined.What is the character name that will run the shop?

2. Please provide us with the name of the character that you intend to run as the shop owner. Unless story changes after ownership in RP, this will be the primary character that is associated with this shop only, as well as listed on the website

3. Do you have any employee characters that would like to roleplay it with you ahead of time? And do you plan on hiring any other players from the active sim as employees? If so, please provide a list of detailed job positions that may be available to this shop.
(Not alts or NPC’s)

4. Have you ever owned or operated a roleplay shop before?
Please tell us about it if so…

5. Have you checked the EOC website to see what shops are available?

6. Which shop are you applying for? A preset, or an original idea of your own?

7. Do you intend to run events within the shop?
Special discounts, fairs, theft, ect ect. Feel free to describe the general roleplay you wish to encourage outside of the average customer. Ideas! If you have them, write them here!

8. This is the big one….Please answer accordingly in each section, and detail out as much as possible so that we have a good understanding of what services, goods, or items you are providing. If it’s a tavern, give us a run down of the menu you will provide your rp customers. If it’s a goods shop, provide lists of the merchandise you wish to sell/trade. For services, go hog wild.

Give us everything! Leave no stone unturned, we will evaluate this information in depth and it must be apart of this application. Items are subject to change as roleplay progresses, this we understand. However, more then just a general idea is needed before hand.

Shop Type:

Menu Items:

General items:


9. All sim rules apply. If you have ideas for in shop traditions, habits, or laws (Like taverns) Please write them here accordingly. And remember, no IC laws or rules for your shop can over-rule the OOC sim rules. Combat, theft, and interaction rules apply at all times. This also applies to NPC’s. Defensive NPC’s for shops are via permission only with the Admin staff where it fits according to the balance of the rest of the sim. Do not rez your own npcs.
Do you agree to this?