Shops on Sim

We have a plethora of business opportunities on sim for you to try for! From taverns to tailors, there are shops to be found in every part of the sim! If you are interested in running one, follow these two steps:
1. Fill out our shop application, found under the ‘applications’ drop-down.
2. Then find the lead of the area with the shop you want. Inquire ICly about running it
Below you will find a list of all shops on sim and their current owners!

As an IC note, while our sim economy is loose, it does follow some general rules and equivalencies! We generally use three basic coins, those being copper, silver, and gold, though platinum pieces also exist. One CP or Copper Piece is equal to roughly 1 USD, though your average laborer would earn around 1sp per day. The currency rate is as follows: 10cp = 1sp; 10sp = 1gp; 10gp = 1 plat.

Vlorissfarne Shops
The Prancing Unicorn Tavern – Aoife Loegaire (lauryn.renegade)
Faun Fresh Bakery and Grocery – Jade Fairy (fairyjade)
The Dragon Tree Apothecary – Rakazi Villota and Hana (sea.ivory)
The Blacksmith “Gettin’ Hammered” – Azynis (mattcad)
The Port Master – Unowned
The Rucksack Adventuring Gear – Sylvanriver
The Bath House – Angel Silverblade-Ansar (angilias.wassersztrom)
The Serpent’s Tongue Brothel – Alyssa Auberyn (auberyn)
Vigilance Private Investigation – ÂĪÐЄИ ßĿÂĈҚЩRĪǤĦƚ (blackwright)

Embergrove/Forest Shops
The Howling Winds Tavern and Overlook – Bron Griphon (bronzeGriphon)
Runes and Relics – Unowned
Bad Dreams Brewery – Unowned

Myrlochar Shops
Don’t Go Inn – Dawn (flokidesird)
Magic and Tinkering Shop – Kelas Arkenvirr (popop456)

Hem Malduhr Shops
The Cracked Anvil Tavern – Unowned
The Mines – Unowned
The Dwarven Anvil – Unowned

Isk’Waere Shops
The Elysian Dragon Tavern – Arion Lonchoforos (franck.gazov)

We also allow players to make their own shops!! If you have your own unique idea please feel free to submit it!