Storyteller Application

This position allows you to help tell tales and weave story lines within EoC. We encourage everyone to have their own story lines but sometimes we need driving forces! Thats you! To be a story teller please copy-paste this application into a NC with your account name as shown below and submit it to a Moderator or Admin.

Example: ~EoC Storyteller Application~ [Name Here]/Date

1. What is your SL account name?

2. Which position are you applying for? (Storyteller)

3. How long have you been with Empire of Crowns?

4. As an RP-er, how active are you in Empire of Crowns?

5. How much time do you normally spend online on SL a week?

6. Please describe a situation on sim (or in another roleplay sim) where you helped to either mediate or plan a story or event. Please give specific examples without being overly detailed. (Though we encourage detail in your storytelling and rp!)

7. Part of your role as a Storyteller will be to adhere to the sim rules, attend events and dungeons, to lead other players in a cohesive and fun way into a story. You must always remember we are here to help the players with story lines and not to hinder them without making it too easy or too hard. Do you agree to this?