Vlorissfarne Lead(s): Shadovaskaya (anangrybeaver)

The Seat of the Empire

A kingdom like no other. Situated on the coast of the northern sea, this city-state is a vast conglomerate of races and religions, all gathered under the banner of the Empire. At first glance this port city and its surrounding lands almost seem normal, save for the strange and omnipresent clouds which swirl overhead once you enter the gates, but once you pass through the city’s walls the true oddities come into full view. In the center of the town stands a tower which looms above every other building, glowing with a soft and strange light. Palaces of ornate architecture and beautiful materials are scattered throughout the streets, interspersed by shops, taverns, and inns. The truly unique character is hinted at by the blue and purple banners that flutter overhead. A dragon wrapped around a blade, breathing a cone of webs. The grand Zer’Tath tower opens its doors onto Market Street. Above the threshold in runes that are not elven, common, or dwarven, but rather Drow, is scribed the motto of the ruling family: “Fear not the dark, for you are of it.” Welcome, traveler, to the seat of the Drow Empire. Welcome to the City of Crowns.

The Farmlands

Nestled in the foothills near the Vlorissfarne coast, the kingdom’s farmers and crafters work to provide for all those who dwell in Vlorissfarne’s vast expanse. Those who live here seek a simple existence, though rumors sometimes swirl of a darkness hidden somewhere in the mountain caves above… a voice that comes whispering in the night.

The Redwall Burrows

The Burrows are a strange little section of the kingdom. While technically a district in and of itself, the citizens of the Burrows are a secretive people, who built this district under their own design after the destruction of Vlorissfarne’s Northern Wall at the start of a conflict with Myrlochar. Rumor has it that the Burrows are protected and overseen by the thief’s guild, but of course nobody can confirm such salacious whispers.

An Important Note

Faezress energy pervades the city of Vlorissfarne, cast by the crystals in the main spire of the city. This energy affects many kinds of magic, but most especially divination and teleportation. Attempts to use these magics may result in catastrophic failure. If you wish to cast these magics, please be aware of this! (if you use our dice HUD, please make a flat roll for any attempts at teleportation. A roll under 15 will fail, over 15 will succeed. A critical fail will result in an explosion of wild magic). This same energy keeps the sky perpetually overcast, so there are no sunny days in Vlorissfarne. 

Vlorissfarne Hierarchy

The city of Vlorissfarne is first and foremost ruled over by the Empress Qeth Sosin(shadovaskaya), as she controls all of the Empire.

In times of the Empress’ absence, and in more immediate day-to-day life, the duties of the city fall to the Queen Regent Thea d’Aveneras and the council of Vlorissfarne. 

Beneath the council, the city is reigned over by the founding house, Quellar d’Aveneras. This noble house oversees the guards of the city as well as the Empire’s larger military forces, though not every member of the guard or the Legion is a member of the house.

Council of Vlorissfarne

Though Vlorissfarne is predominantly the seat of the Empire, the burden of many of the more specific decisions the Empire delegates does not nor should not fall upon the shoulders of the Empress alone. Through a council making up of specific members, each councilor introduces and votes on legislations and policies that further serve to better the city and Empire in the long term.

Council meetings are held routinely, each councilor having a chance to invoke a new law, legislation or policy based on the dominion of their council. Once invoked the council as a whole including the Empress votes. The majority of the vote wins and thus the invocation of the councilor is enacted as soon as possible or to the discretion of the councilor whom invoked the initial proposition.

Under special circumstances however the Empress may invoke the ‘Right-to-Rule’, a special vote that can be used to either completely eliminate or enact a policy circumventing a vote. Should this occur the Empress must offer the council valid reasoning to invoke this rule. If no such reasoning is provided or the reasoning itself lackluster the Council will have a chance to cast a vote of non-confidence that if passed wavers the ‘Right-to-Rule’. This vote must have an overwhelming majority vote of three quarters of the council to take effect.

Empress Qeth Sosin (Shadovaskaya)

Queen Regent Thea d’Aveneras (anya pexington)

Legate Kelkah Arkensek (hylian moonwall)

High Commander – T.J. The Badger (zhandra osterham)

Archmage Nurvureenint (talithryna)

Artisan Master (-)

Merchant Master (-)

Entertainment Master(-)

Laws of Vlorissfarne

​1. Murder is not allowed within city limits. Formal duels are permissible.
– If an insult offends enough to warrant a challenge, the offended may claim their retribution whether or not the challenge is accepted, as such an insult is the issuance of a challenge in and of itself.

2. ALL dragons, no matter the size of their “full” or quadrupedal form, MUST be in bipedal form when within the city walls to avoid damage to our city. Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis. Any who are in full form in the city must be ready to present their permit at any time.

3. Clergy members and servants of the (any) temple are to be respected at all times. As they uphold the city and defend its temple and portals, any injury to a clergy member of the city is punishable by law.

​​4. Merchant stalls must rotate their positions every other day to provide all merchants with access to good business locations. Not yielding will result in imprisonment, and suitable punitive measures.

5. All citizens of Vlorissfarne accused of a major crime are due a hearing or a trial overseen by city officials. If a petty offense has been committed then the Guards may make a judgment without city officials required.

​6. A Golem or slave if owned by a drow shall be considered under the protection of that drow and their house.​​ However, no citizen of Vlorissfarne or worker contracted by the city may be captured or used as a slave without an indentured servitude contract.

7. All slaves, golems, and indentured servants must be registered with city official

Petty Offenses, as dictated by the council:
-Fighting in the Streets
-Minor Thievery
-Minor Property damage
-Dragon in full form without council permission
-Attempts to Enslave Citizens
-Disrespect to Clergy
-Drunken Tomfoolery

Major Offenses
– Arson
-Inciting Mobs
-Major Property Damage
-Grand Theft
-Enslavement of a Citizen

Districts and Locations

Vlorissfarne is made up of four ‘districts’ that separate the city by residents and businesses that you are likely to find there. Each district is on another level of the natural mountainous landscape upon which the city is built. Below is a brief description of each district and what is in them!

Garden District

The smallest of the four districts, this is also the most affluent. Here you will find grand houses, home to the nobility of the city as well as the Empress herself. Also in this district is a bright, blooming garden that gives the area its name. Nestled against the city wall is a public bathhouse, where those with the coin can come for an evening of pampering and relaxation in the form of scented baths and soothing massaged. 

Council District

The council district is home, as one might guess, to the city council building, also knows as the Vlorissfarne Embassy. This is where the various councilors of the city hold their meetings, as well as the once monthly council audience where citizens and allies can come and speak with the council or ask questions. Also in this district is the city apothecary and a few more grand houses for the upper class of the city. 

Market District

The Market district is the largest but poorest of the districts, taking up the tier right below the council district. The citizens who live here are rather cramped, dwelling in multi-story apartments and sometimes one on top of the other. However, here is also where everyone in the city comes to get their goods, and it can be found bustling at almost all hours of the day and night with merchants hocking their wares. The market district is home to the city’s bakery, tailor, and a myriad of other small shops and stands where one can get just about anything they need. 

Main Street

While not exactly a district like the other three, Vlorissfarne’s Main Street is still a notable stretch within the city. Along this major road one will find housing, businesses, and the entrance to the tower that looms over all the rest of the city. Main Street is lined by a tavern and smithy on one side, and a scribe shop and the city’s infirmary on the other. 

Zer’tath Tower

Often known as just the ‘mage tower’, Zer’tath Tower is the pride of Vlorissfarne. A massive spire that reaches high above the city walls, this tower is home to the mage guild, as well as the central crystal that powers the city’s mysterious clouds and the guards network of communication crystals. The ground floor of the tower is where the monthly open court is held; a gathering for all to come from far and wide to hear the important news and announcements of the realm. 

Vlorissfarne Guard

Vlorissfarne’s Guard force is split into two sub-branches, each overseeing different aspects of the city, and are quartered in the Imperial District

City Guards uphold the laws of Vlorissfarne, investigate, interrogate, and capture criminals, as well as solving petty squabbles in the streets and regions of the kingdom. They are also responsible for retaining diplomatic relations, and therefore are encouraged and compelled to uphold the law in any place they go to. For Example: A Guard visiting Isk’Waere would be expected to report to the leaders of that realm if they need any tasks done and lend aide when requested by allies.

The Royal Guard is responsible for watching the royal family personally. At their behest, will go to any journey and keep the commander appraised of their movements and work so she can keep an eye out. They are to maintain patrol around the Royals and Royal palace almost exclusively and do not bother with City matters beyond what the royals need.

What is expected

1.) Guards must be willing to report all cases they investigate to keep a clear line of evidence and clues. ((Notecard, save all Guard related rps))

2.) Guards are meant to be impartial. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting a criminal who killed your father. If we aren’t hunting him for that, then his petty theft is all he’ll be charged for. 

3.) Guards must know not only the Laws of Vlorissfarne but the laws of ALL allied realms. They are taught this through training and it is not expected to know the laws of each area right away. They will learn through training and meeting these people. We are to maintain good standings with our allies this way.

4.) Guards must know not only the royalty in Vlorissfarne but the leaders of ALL allied realms. They are taught this through interactions with the leaders and by being introduced or introducing themselves. They will learn to maintain respect and understanding of our allies this way.

5.) Guards must train in some form of fighting. Even medics are expected to be able to fight in some capacity. Can’t fight? No weapons? No worries! All Guards will participate in group and/or one on one training in order to be able to learn to defend themselves!