The Whispermere

Lead: Tala (luna.endsleigh)

The Shattered Realm

A realm unlike any other, the Whispemere lies just outside the veil. A dark reflection of the material plane. Here, demons and undead rule the land, using portals of magic and shadow to stretch their influence out over the world. 
Crumbling on the edge of the shadowfell, Whispermere is under constant conflict between the forces that seek to invade our plane, and the ones who wish to take the power of this dark realm for themselves. 

Where the ‘Mere Lies

Contrary to popular belief, the Whispermere is not part of the Abyss, or even adjacent to it. Whispermere is a fragment realm broken off of the Shadowfell; a dark twin to the fae wylds. While it is a part of the negative planes, the shadowfell is something completely different from the abyss. Whispermere lies, in terms of the planar system, between the Shadowfell and the Prime Material. It is it’s own, self sufficient plane. It is dark, but it does not corrupt. (See the planar chart on our lore page for context)

The Soul Tree

As the Whispermere as a whole echoes the wylds, so to does that which is within it. Centered in the gloomy forest outside Whispermere’s crumbling dwellings, the Soul Tree looms over the miniature plane. This tree is the basis of Whispermere, and all that holds it together. Many such trees exist in the Shadowfell, reflections of the fae trees that may be found in all parts of the Wylds. While the fae tree thrives in giving life to its children, this tree thrives from the life that is given to it. Some say that the Soul Tree is sentient, its roots making a concerted effort to maintain the fragile reaches of the Whispermere. Those who make an offering of their blood, or of another’s life, are bound to the tree. As long as the Soul Tree stands, so too does the Whispermere, and the people who reside there.
Any who make a blood offering to the Soul Tree are bound to Whispermere. If they die in the mortal plane, they will return to life in the ‘Mere. However, they must wait one week before being able to venture out from Whispermere again. If they abandon Whispermere, blood offering or no, this boon is lost after one full week outside the realm, and must be re-gained by a larger offering.

OOC note: This means that once you have RPed out your oath to Whispermere, your character will return to life inside the Whispermere when killed. If you leave the faction, or if your character spends more than a week outside the Whispermere, then you no longer have this ability, and must RP out another, larger offering to the tree such as sacrificing someone else.

Whispermere Laws

1) Whispermere is home to many races, and any hatred for a follower based on race is discouraged.
2) A contract with a demon is binding, no other demon can take another’s contracted.
3) Violence inside the town is not tolerated. However, a dual can be overseen by any guard, and one is allowed to fight back in self defense.
4) Rape, murder, theft, and basic crimes are forbidden. While some demons thrive on these, a succubus can ask, and greed demon can keep himself in check. Such acts should be saved for the mortal plane.
5) Whispermere’s secrets are Whispermere’s own. Any who reveal information without approval will be subject to punishment or banishment

Whispermere Ranks

Transient: The newest among us, not yet a full member of the ‘mere

Tempter: Those who have sworn to the Soul Tree
– Must complete a minor quest
– Must be around for at least 3 days
– Must offer blood to the soul tree to prove their loyalty

Minor Lords: People who have been proven worthy by the Soul Tree and people of Whispermere
– Have taken part in at least one event
– Have brought something useful to Whispermere (Valuable info, trinkets of value, ect.)
– Have attended a offering /event/ for the soul tree (in other words, have witnessed the feeding of life to the soul tree)
– Be Active in the group AND on sim for at least 2 weeks

Lords: People who have shown their worth to the Soul Tree and to the people of Whispermere
– Have been active in monthly events
– Do an rp giving an offering to the Soul Tree or help at least 1 underling with a quest. (Is a choice, depending on your Alignment)
– Bring some form of information or wealth to benefit Whispermere
– Be active in the group AND on sim for at least 4 weeks
– Have proven their loyalty to The Absolute and The Primal

Arch-Duke/Archduchess: Four roles to correspond with the four alignments (Chaotic, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Evil) and help balance Whispermere
– Have been active in and help plan the monthly events
– Have helped out new members ICly with quests or knowledge about their class or history
– Fit into one of the four alignments listed above
– Have proven their loyalty and fealty to The Absolute and The Primal
– Be active in the group AND on sim for at least 2 months
– Provide a valuable piece of Intel on a high ranking official on the sim

The Primal: Second in Command to The Absolute
– Have completed all the tasks set before them for all previous rank
– Have earned The Absolutes unyielding trust and proven themselves trustworthy
– Have proven their dedication to Whispermere

The Absolute: Ruler of the Whispermere